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Regardless of the measuring device you are using, calibration is crucial for ensuring specific and accurate measurements.

Calibration defines the quality of your measurements used by particular devices because over time results can change slightly as the devices age or are affected by a variety of environmental factors.  In order to uphold a high level of confidence, you need to have an ongoing process of regular maintenance and calibration for your equipment and devices.  Otherwise, you risk slight (or eventually significant) fluctuations in the accuracy of the measurements being collected, which can have extensive practical implications that you want to actively avoid.

Many people do a field comparison check of two meters, and call them "calibrated"  if they give the same reading.  This is not calibration, it is simply a field check.  It can show you if there's a problem, but it can't show you which meter is right.  If both meters are out of calibration by the same amount and in the same direction, it won't show you anything.  Nor will it show you any trending - you won't know your instrument is headed for an "out of cal"  condition.

Calibration, in its purest sense, is the comparison of an instrument to a known standard.  Proper calibration involves use of a NIST-traceable standard - one that has paperwork showing it compares correctly to a chain of standards going back to a master standard maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

At 3L2R in Cambridge, Ontario we offer a comprehensive and fully certified calibration service program for electrical and mechanical equipment.  You can drop-off your company's measuring devices or we can arrange on-site services for stationary equipment.  For customers in need of scheduled calibration we offer pre-booking with reminders.  Call (519)629-0152 to book your next calibration service.

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