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Switchgear Retrofit

Used existing cell structure and incoming cables at site and re-worked the bus connections to a newer style interior replacement with updated feeder circuits with future options to upgrade and expand circuits within the facility.

Transformer Untanking Inspection

Transformer Untanking Inspection

Full internal detailed inspection of a liquid filled transformer to determine problems, possible cause of failures and repairs.

Transformer Bushing Re-Gasket

Replaced gasketing material on liquid filled transformer bushings to prevent dielectric fluid leakage, this will prevent premature failure of the unit in operation and maintain environment standards.

ATS Integration

Installing an automatic transfer switch in to a new standard free issued distribution board to allow the hook up of a generator as back up power in the event of hydro loss.

ATS Integration

ATS Integration - Custom Bus Work

Custom bus work to allow the number of cables per phase and entry point from the generator side and allowing for the potential of more than one or two sources of power.

6000A Co-gen Switchboard

ATS Integration

Breaker Retro-Fit Upgrade

Used existing cell structure at site and re-worked the bus connections to a newer sytle cubicle replacment that allow for SCADA and remote operations provisions along with an updated solid state smart relay.

New Switchgear or Section Integration with Existing line-up

ATS Integration

Failure Investigation of Oiled Filled Transformer

Failure investigation of an oil filled transformer and determine potential cause(s).  Projects like these can lead to repair and/or rewind opportunities if viable.

Custom Manual Transfer Switch

ATS Integration

Oil Filled Transformer Rad Replacment

On site replacement for primary service oil filled transformers, some require custom modification.  Depending on available material and time requirements.

E House Construction

ATS Integration

Transformer Bushing Replacement

Low Voltage and High Voltage bushing replacement.

Transformer Top Up

On site transformer fluid top up and filling station on new and used transformers


Transformer Rewind

Full three phase rewind on an oiled filled transformer.