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Electrical Equipment Rental

3L2R rents transformers, distribution equipment, circuit breakers, and more. Our electrical equipment rental services will always provide our customers the electrical products they need, no matter when or where they need them. Our team's problem solving expertise, timely delivery service, and 24 hour emergency availability allow for business continuity in unstable operating environments. We assist our clients in safeguarding their operations by increasing productivity, avoiding costly downtime, improving process performance and responding to unforeseen problems.

As a crucial component of our electric equipment rental and leasing services, 3L2R has supplied temporary solutions to a variety of North American customers in the commercial and industrial markets.

We offer a multitude of electrical equipment rental options, including:

  • Distribution equipment and accessories (indoor and outdoor rated, 240V, 480V, 600V and high voltage up to 115 KV)

  • Metal enclosed/pole mount load break switches

  • Transformers

  • Distribution boards and panels

  • Circuit breakers

  • Molded case breakers

  • Panel switches (fusible and non-fusible)

  • Bus plugs

  • CTs and PTs

  • Relays

  • Breaker accessories

3L2R consistently pays strict attention to our electrical products to help meet our clients demanding requirements for dependable, high-performance electrical equipment rentals. All of our electrical equipment rentals meet major industry standards. Our extensive experience in managing a wide range of electrical equipment rentals throughout North America ensures that we meet the needs of your project, no matter how small or large. 3L2R maintains itself as a premier electrical services and electrical products supply company by offering innovative electrical equipment rental solutions implemented by highly qualified and experienced professionals.

In order to continually expand our list of satisfied customers, we:

  • Deliver superior quality electrical equipment rentals to customers in a variety of industries

  • Build and maintain long-term relationships with clients, manufacturers and vendors

  • Focus on safety and protection of the environment at every level of our operations

  • Employ a team who represents the 3L2R commitment to enthusiasm, initiative and integrity

  • Create innovative solutions for emergency situations

  • Deliver premium value in all of our business activities

3L2R strives to maintain steady leadership in the electrical equipment rental market; whatever your organization's needs, we have the solution to keep your business moving forward! To discuss how we can assist you with electrical equipment rentals, or leasing services, contact 3L2R today.