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EATON breakers are globally certified including IEC, CCC, UL® and CSA® standards. 

3L2R in house support and stock enables you to order readily available product for on-time delivery requirements. 

Thermal-magnetic units are available with adjustable magnetic and thermal settings options.  Frame sizes from 15A to 125A, 15A to 225A, 45A to 600A , 300A to 800A, 320A to 1200A and 700A to 2500A.  Interrupting ratings go from 14KA (at 600V) right up to 100KA with the current limiter option on some breakers, models are FDB, FD, HFD, KD, HKD, KDC, JD, HJD, JDC, LD, HLD, and LDB for the popular ones. 

Many of these breakers come with a host of accessories like auxiliary contacts and switches, alarm switches, shunt trips and under voltage releases along with certain termination packages, interlocks and more!  

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Electrical switchgear regulates, protects, and isolates a power system with a variety of controls housed in a metal enclosure. It’s a vital system in industries that experience electrical faults or those that need to regularly de-energize equipment for maintenance, such as industrial environments and electrical utilities.


Switchgear contains fuses, switches, and other power conductors. However, circuit breakers are the most common component found in switchgear. During an electrical fault, a circuit breaker will sense the anomaly and interrupt the power flow, effectively limiting damage to the system.


Because it’s designed to control the flow of power, switchgear plays a role in enhancing a facility’s energy efficiency and safety.


There are different types of switchgear, most applications require either low voltage switchgear or medium voltage switchgear.

Low voltage switchgear is used across multiple industries such as healthcare, industrial buildings, and water/wastewater to regulate systems up to 1 kilovolt. Depending on your facility’s specifications, you can incorporate different product features, including:



Front access

Space-saving design


Indoor and outdoor systems up to 75 kilovolts use medium voltage switchgear. Since applications and budgets vary, medium voltage equipment comes in three insulating technology options:


Gas-insulated switchgear

Air-insulated switchgear

Shielded solid switchgear


Insulators protect the components within the switchgear and often provide a cooling function.


There are differences between switchgear and switchboards although many use the terms interchangeably.  Not only does switchgear protect and control the power supply, but it also can disconnect from a power supply during a fault. On the other hand, switchboards are only used to transmit power to other sources, most often in commercial settings.  Switchgear and switchboards are also designed to handle different voltage capacities. High voltage switchgear can accommodate up to 350 kilovolts, whereas switchboards are rarely designed to handle more than 600 volts.

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Inside of every motor control center is a collection of MCC buckets, otherwise known as wrappers.


These are the modular, partially-enclosed components of the motor control center and contain a collection of motor starters, relays, variable frequency drives or soft starters and other components that control motor-based equipment.


The large number of low-voltage MCC circuits results in significantly more human interaction time with low-voltage MCC equipment than with medium-voltage MCCs and switchgear simply due to the volume of these circuits in the market place.  Proactive maintenance indicators based on load characteristics, motor start characteristics and thermal measurements are something to monitor for a reliable MCC system. Factors like time synchronization, Ethernet-based protocols, sequence of events records, monitoring and alarming for protection functions, and other standard features in protective relays. 


The reliability, functionality, programmability, flexibility, and intelligence of an older smart MCC protection, metering, and control IEDs are something to keep an eye on and parts for these are hard to come by.  

Here at 3L2R we stock Allen Bradley 2100 series, Eaton / Westinghouse Freedom 2100 series, Square-D Model 3, 4, 5 and 6 and other vintage models.

We can professionally remanufacture these buckets or simply provide a good refurbished fully tested unit.

Whether you need just a fusible or a breaker type unit for isolation or programable starter, call us today to see how we can help.

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