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Transformer Oil Services

To complement our other electrical services our transformer oil service experts will work with you to develop a cost effective plan for properly managing transformer oil disposal or supply. Depending on your company's needs we offer:

  • Transformer and oil disposal: Drain oil and properly manage the used oil and end-of-life transformer.

  • Insulating oil change: Drain and refill for optimum performance of your transformer. To refill, choose from our menu of industry leading insulating oil or you supply. Drained oil will be managed properly and in accordance with all current regulations.

  • Retrofill: If your oil has tested positive for PCB contamination then retrofilling the transformer with fresh oil may be the best solution.

  • Insulating oil supply: Pails, drums, totes and bulk supply of re-refined insulating oil (meets or exceeds CSA/ASTM quality standards), or product made from virgin material.

3L2R transformer oil service utilizes highly trained and professional staff with a full complement of field service equipment to protect your assets, company's reputation and the environment. We offer experienced personnel performing transformer oil services for property managers, industrial and commercial companies. When handled improperly, transformer oil can be harmful to our environment, and to public health. Should your transformer require draining or refilling, rely on 3L2R for safe and dependable on-site transformer oil services. For further information on 3L2R's transformer oil services, or any of the other electrical services we offer throughout Southwestern Ontario, please browse our website or give us a call with any questions you may have. Discover how your company will be making a wise and industry compliant financial and environmental choice by selecting 3L2R for any of the above transformer oil services.