Our Team

Meet our team of experienced professionals.

Bill Kuchma

Bill is a licensed Ontario 309A electrician and a master electrician, with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Bill has worked in the industrial and commercial wiring sector for more than 10 years, and as a subcontractor for Schneider Electric Canada for 3 years prior to becoming a Project Supervisor for over 15 years. Bill holds a wealth of knowledge with proficiency in:

– Specializing in high voltage and power distribution equipment
– Custom solutions for distribution equipment upgrades
– Retrofits from small breakers to entire electrical substations
– Custom transfer systems and upgrades
– Power monitoring systems
– Capacitors functions, repair, and maintenance
– Custom bussing
– Disaster recovery and repairs

Some of the major projects Bill has been involved in are:

Gerdau Ameristeel (Cambridge, ON): Maintenance and testing of 230kV substation, 15kV transformers, and all their 600V distribution equipment, numerous upgrades and replacement of transformers, switchgear, air circuit breakers and high voltage equipment.

Sunlife (Data Centre, Waterloo, Ontario): High voltage upgrade, maintenance and testing of all 15kV distribution equipment, transformers and their 600V distribution, numerous upgrades and replacement of switchgear, buss duct, air circuit breakers, motor control centres and power monitoring devices.

St Mary’s Hospital & Grand River Hospital (Kitchener, Ontario): High voltage and low voltage distribution equipment upgrades and retrofits of existing equipment, maintenance, testing of all 15kV equipment, transformers and 600v distribution.

Mike Raposo

Mike has over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, with more than 10 of those years in the electrical sector. He holds a degree in Enterprise Development with a minor in International Business from Ryerson University.

Mike’s industry experience has been in medium to high voltage electrical systems, obsolete equipment, and electrical apparatuses. He has worked alongside electrical engineers, electricians, technicians, designers, and OEM’s. He has extensive experience in supplier and customer relationship management and presents a strong understanding of customer and market requirements in the electrical industry.

During his career he has developed business plans and sales strategies from analysing operational records and reports, to project sales and determining profitability.

John Van Kooy

John holds over 30 years of experience in the transformer industry. John provides transformer services to utility, industrial, and related business markets. He specializes in both “new” and “mature” transformer needs. When purchasing new transformers or rewinding failed equipment, he inspects, test witnesses, conducts shipping inspections, and provides maintenance recommendations. For existing equipment, John is able to assess transformer health by reviewing field test data such as dissolved gas in oil, standard oil tests, insulation resistance, dissipation/power factor data, furan analysis and degree of polymerization results.

With sick or failed transformers, John is able to provide independent third party expertise to assist in the often difficult repair/scrap/buy new/buy used decision. He also performs failure investigations on site anywhere in the world. Lastly, John offers transformer training seminars that provides general transformer knowledge and specific information on transformer maintenance.

John has worked at ABB in Guelph, Ontario; Westinghouse Canada Inc. in Burlington and Hamilton, Ontario, and Ontario Hydro in Toronto. John held positions in small and large power engineering, transformer and electrical design placements with managerial and marketing roles throughout his career.